After School Club

After School Club


Newtown Primary School works with Newtown Pre-School to provide an after-school club for pupils. This club is available to all Newtown pupils, from Reception to Year 6. It runs every day during term time until 6pm.


After school there is a walking bus from school to the Newtown Preschool, this is manned by staff from both the school and the preschool. The walk is a lesiurely stroll along Clifton Road and through Belmont Park.  


Whilst at the after-school club, the children are given a snack and have lots of choice about the activities they would like to do. The children can enjoy games, art and outdoor play until 6pm. 


The club costs £6 per session if children collected by 5pm or £10 if they stay until 6pm. 


If you would like to know more, please email for enquiries. Or talk to a member of staff at Newtown Primary School.