Welcome to Blackbird Class! Our teachers are Mrs Turner on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Ward on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Our class is made up of pupils from Year 3 and Year 4.



This term our topic is "Eureka!". This topic will be taught differently during the ongoing pandemic. The children will learn about different scientists and inventors starting with Marie Curie and Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Before researching a scientist or inventor of their own choosing and making a fact file.



In science this term, we are looking at plants. The children will be learning about the functions of different parts of flowering plants and exploring the requirements that plants and flowers need for life and growth. We have tried to make the activities as practical as possible so children can access the tasks more easily at home. 



It is important that the children stay as active as possible during this time so we recommend to start each day with taking part in Joe Wicks' online PE sessions.