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School Closure - Coronavirus Letter to Parents 20.03.2020

Information shared with parents in the newsletter on 13.03.2020


Coronavirus (Covid 19) – Information and Guidance

As you are aware, there is a great deal of specualtion at the moment around school closures due to Coronavirus. The latest update is that UK schools are remaining open. However, we must prepare for the possibility that this may change in the upcoming days or weeks. We hope that the following information helps to outline Newtown Primary School’s response to the situation.


Steps Taken in School to Avoid the Spread of Coronavirus

  • All classrooms have supplies of tissues, anti-bacterial handwashes and anti-bacterial wipes
  • Children are reminded to wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day, including supervised washing of hands before lunch
  • If children cough or sneeze into hands they wash their hands immediately. Children have been shown how to dispose of tissues safely and how to cough/sneeze into the crook of an arm if they do not have access to wash hands immediately.
  • If a child or member of staff has a temperature over 37.5C or displays any other symptoms of the virus they will be sent home immediately. Whilst children are awaiting collection they will be removed from class and sat at least two metres away from anyone else. Pupils and staff who have been sent home must self-isolate for at least 7 days before returning to school, and only if the symptoms have gone.


The latest Public Health England advice for anyone displaying symptoms of the virus - a cough or a temperature of 37.8C (100F) or more, is that they should:

  • Not to go to work, school, or public areas, use public transport or taxis - or even for a walk
  • Those with even mild symptoms of infection should stay at least two metres away from other people in their homes, and should sleep alone
  • Those with confirmed or suspected cases should use a separate bathroom


What Will Happen If the School Closes?

The decision to close the school will be communicated to parents and carers via the school website, text messages, Email, Class Dojo, Twitter, the Local Authority website and local radio. A school closure sign will also be displayed in the noticeboard at the front of school. There will be daily communication, via email, with staff and parents with updates about continued closure or reopening of the school.


Home Learning

If the school closes, teachers will continue to support the pupils in their learning via an online learning platform. On Thursday every child should have brought home an individual Wonde password (an emoji password). These were sent home in case the school had to close suddenly – please keep the password somewhere safe.


Since September the children have been working on Chrome Books in school, the Wonde password enables them to access the Chrome Book home page that they have become familiar with in school. They can access this on any computer, laptop or tablet at  Once logged in the children will see a screen which looks like this:



Files that they have created in school can be found in their ‘Drive’. The ‘Docs’ tab gives them access to Google’s equivalent of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. There is also a direct link to Times Table Rockstars. Wonde remembers individual logins for different sites so once your child has reached the screen above they should not then need to enter a separate passwrod to access their TT Rockstars account. ‘Swiggle’ is a search engine which is more suited to younger pupils as it is heavily filtered.


Teachers will use the ‘Classroom’ option to set and receive work from home. If you try to loging into this at the moment it will not work as it is currently set for in school use only. If the school closes the settings will be changed to enable home access. The teachers will be setting daily learning activities for the children, some of which will be returned as assignments to the teachers through ‘Classroom’.


We ask that, unless children are unwell, they are supported to access and complete their learning online. We are aware that some families do not have online access at home, and we are making arrangements to support these families through a paper-based learning pack.. If you do not have online access at home and have not already informed us, please call the school office.


Want to know more?

We have added a new page to our school website, which is regularly updated with the latest advice and guidance about the Coronavirus. It includes links to the Wonde login page, help and advice lines. There is also a home learning section on this page with links to useful websites. Please visit: