Forest School


Stick Man, Stick Man, Stick Man that's me!

This week we have been out in the garden looking for signs of winter. The children found a lot of frost and noticed that the trees had no leaves left on some of them. The children also noticed that the temperature was a lot colder. We then collected twigs to make decorations with and the children painted them indoors.

This week we have made hedgehog homes linked to our Literacy story, 'It was a cold dark night'. The children learnt about waterproof materials and what waterproof means. They then made their hedgehog homes waterproof using plastic and put them in the garden, and filled them with dry leaves to make them warm and cosy for the hedgehogs.

This week we had a lovely surprise in the garden and saw that the garden fairies and elves had left us some bird seed to make bird feeders! This tied in nicely with our story this week, 'Owl Babies'.

Halloween horrors! The children enjoyed roasting marshmallows on around the campfire and having a warm cup of of cocoa in todays Forest school session. The children also practised recognising their names by going on a treasure hunt to find a party pack with their name on it.

Autumnal changes - the children have been looking at the changes in the colour of the leaves using a colour chart. They worked in pairs to develop their communication skills and develop new friendships. We also made Autumn wands using fine motor skills to thread the leaves onto the sticks.

This week we have linked our forest school session with our weekly topic, Our 5 Senses. The children made binoculars and went around the garden to look at different things. We also planted herbs, Mint and Parsley in the raised beds. The children also sat around the campfire and we listened to different sounds in the environment.

This week we made our own forest crowns by foraging for natural objects in the garden. The children got to look at all the changing colours in the leaves as the weather is getting colder. We also used our fine motor skills to draw faces on the trees and the children decided to make the path to our fairy tree more colourful. This was a wonderful idea and really brightened up the garden!

This week we were tending to our raised beds and taking out all the weeds reading to grow some plants and vegetables. The children were able to learn about the parts of a plant when pulling and digging out the weeds such as root, stem and leaves. We also had a treasure hunt with Mrs Pulman who set the children challenges to find particular leaves, flowers and natural objects.

We had our first Forest School session this afternoon, introducing the children to our garden space. They were able to explore all the areas and we set some safety boundaries around the camp fire area.