At Newtown Primary School, we believe that mathematics is essential to everyday life and plays a vital role in developing our understanding of the world around us. It enables our children to understand and identify relationships and patterns, and to grow into inquisitive mathematicians.


With this in mind, we endeavour to ensure that our children develop a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics that will stay with them forever.


Vision Statement


Calculation Policy


This policy supports the White Rose maths scheme used throughout the school.


Progression within each area of calculation is in line with the programme of study in the 2014 National Curriculum.


This calculation policy should be used to support children to develop a deep understanding of number and calculation. This policy has been designed to teach children through the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations.


Concrete representationa pupil is first introduced to an idea or skill by acting it out with real objects. This is a ‘hands on’ component using real objects and is a foundation for conceptual understanding.


Pictorial representation – a pupil has sufficiently understood the ‘hands on’ experiences performed and can now relate them to representations, such as a diagram or picture of the problem.


Abstract representation—a pupil is now capable of representing problems by using mathematical notation, for example 12 x 2 = 24.