Golden Recovery

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been thinking about our 'Golden Recovery' and finding out about the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

We have also been documenting what has happened at Newtown Primary School this year - school closure, lockdown, home learning and Covid 19 etc. The children have been writing about their experiences.

Each class has produced its own Kintsugi art and created 2 display boards to share their recounts. We displayed this work in the hall and the children had the opportunity to see the work of the other classes. Unfortunately I can not invite you in to see this work at the present time. However, all of the photographs are now displayed on the Gallery page of this website.

A family, who wish to remain anonymous, made a very kind donation to the school during the summer term. The purpose of this donation was to do something for the whole school. Every child and member of staff at Newtown Primary School will be given a special rainbow pin as a keepsake to remember a time which will be forever documented in the history of our school. The children can wear these pins as part of their school uniform, or they can keep them at home as a special item to treasure.