Kindness Spreading Across The Community

We're so proud of how everyone is thinking of creative ways to do acts of random kindness. These are just a few of the ARKs that we have heard about in school:

  • Flowers given to shop assistants
  • Cakes baked and handed out to neighbours
  • Chocolates presented to people in Belmont Park
  • Thank you letters and cards left for the refuse collectors
  • Flowers laid on the graves of soldiers who died in battle
  • Dinner cooked and delivered to neighbours
  • Compliments written and left for classmates to find
  • Homemade bookmarks left in books in Exeter library containing lovely thoughts for the next person to read
  • Piggy banks raided and money given to charity and sisters
  • Food given to homeless people on the streets of Exeter
  • Unexpected gifts given and received
  • A box of Heroes chocolates given to paramedics at the ambulance station
  • A box of biscuits given to the staff at Newtown Primary
  • Rubbish bins put out on collection day


We are so proud of everyone for their efforts. Keep up the amazing work!