Ofsted and Performance Data

Ofsted December 2022

Monitoring Visit


As you will be aware, on Tuesday 13th December we received a monitoring inspection visit at Newtown Primary School.


A monitoring inspection is a one-day, interim visit from an HMI inspector to report on the progress made since the previous full inspection. A monitoring visit cannot change our Ofsted judgement, but it does highlight the progress that we have made as well as supporting our next steps.


It can be noted that Ofsted, Devon local authority and the ACE multi-academy trust have seen a great deal of progress in a short amount of time. This is something that we should all be very proud of.


The report’s main findings:

  • There have been steady improvements in the quality of education pupils receive, including in the early years.
  • Leaders monitor the curriculum, and school-wide teaching approaches are in place.
  • Since September 2022, leaders’ work to raise staff expectations of what pupils in all classes will know and understand is making a demonstrable difference.
  • Staff value the comprehensive training, support and coaching they are receiving, including when planning sequences of work.
  • Leaders’ work to ensure that staff show fidelity to the school’s agreed approach to teaching early reading is paying off.
  • Leaders’ and staff’s emphasis on pupils demonstrating positive learning behaviours in lessons is proving effective. Lessons are rarely interrupted.
  • Pupils feel safe in school.
  • Governors work closely with Devon local authority and the ACE multi-academy trust. They are using the actions from a range of external audits to hold leaders to account.
  • Staff understand and apply the school’s agreed safeguarding policies and procedures effectively.

Ofsted September 2021 


On 14th and 15th September we had our Ofsted inspection. The timing of this inspection was particularly challenging, as it was just one week into the new school year. Unfortunately, the inspection grading for Newtown Primary School remains as ‘Requires Improvement’. This is a huge disappointment to everyone involved with the school.


However, there are many things to celebrate within the report.


Parents are unanimous in their praise for the school”.


We were also very pleased that the school’s welcoming ethos and community feel were recognised.  “Leaders and staff make this a friendly and welcoming school. Newtown Primary School is the hub of the community. Pupils join the school from many different cultures. Staff ensure that all pupils are welcome and accepted.“


Pupils feel safe at Newtown Primary School and enjoy school; our provision for the personal development of children at the school was graded ‘good’.


We know that many families who have children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), choose Newtown because of the small school feel and the nurture and opportunities provided. The report recognises how well pupils with SEND are supported, and that we ensure “that pupils’ work is carefully planned and adapted to support their learning well. As a result, pupils with SEND thrive.”


Areas for improvement:

  • The organisation of the curriculum (including Early Years curriculum) to ensure it develops knowledge in a sequential and progressive way, building on prior learning and securing key ideas 
  • To ensure that the reading curriculum for Key Stage 2 builds on the early reading curriculum (prior knowledge and skills) so that pupils become fluent readers.
  • There is a consistent approach to managing behaviour and all staff have equally high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.


For the full Ofsted report, see below.

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