Welcome to Olive Class!


We are Newtown Primary School's Year 6 class. Our teacher is Miss Bowen, and our TA is Mrs Garnett. We also have Miss McCarley - a PGCE student - working with us this term.


Our topic during the summer term is 'Is it Mayans or Mayas?', with a focus on this fascinating ancient civilisation. We will be covering a wide selection of topics, from learning the Mayan number system (did you know they were the first people to use 'zero'?) to their regular practice of human sacrifice. To make the most of this Topic, we will be linking our work into our English and Art units this term. If you would like to see more information about what we will be studying, please click on the link to our summer term overview on the Topic page below.


Our indoor PE session is on a Monday, and we head outdoors for PE on a Friday.


In the mornings:

The school gates open at 8:45, and the children are expected to bring themselves into the classroom sensibly. Lunch boxes need to be placed on the trolley in the kitchen, and water bottles in the tray next to the sink. When the children arrive in the classroom, there will be early morning tasks for them to complete to set them up for the day ahead.