Welcome to Sparrow Class! 


Happy New Year! Although the circumstances are not what we expected, it is still a joy to be able to provide Sparrows with some exciting learning opportunities this term. Before the Christmas break, the children were given the opportunity to share their ideas about what they would like the overarching theme of their learning to be. On this occasion, we decided that the new topic would be titled ‘Oceans’. To read more about our plans for this topic, please see the curriculum map on our class page. Please be aware that this overview was created prior to any lockdown arrangements, so some of what I had planned for the children will have to wait until we return to school as normal. Accessing home learning is vitally import this term, so please ensure you contact me if you have any queries about how to access the content we have planned for Sparrows.


Lockdown Remote Learning Information:


Throughout lockdown, all Sparrows should to do the following every day:

  • 1 Maths activity
  • 1 English/spelling activity 
  • 1 Topic activity (either Science, Geography, RE, History, D&T, Art or French depending on which work has been set).
  • Bug Club Reading


Every activity will be uploaded to the portfolio section of Class Dojo and clearly marked with the date by which it should be completed. For example, 'Year 2 Maths 06/01/2020' must be completed and submitted by the end of the day on 06/01/2020. Soon I will send out a timetable to help everyone keep up to date with the work.


Every activity can either be submitted electronically, or as a picture taken of a separate piece of paper. Please ensure you submit work via the portfolio section on Class Dojo to ensure that I know your Sparrow has been able to complete the work.


I will be contacting parents on Wednesdays and Fridays to check-in and offer support whenever possible. If there are elements of the work that any Sparrows find difficult, then I will do my best to address these misconceptions in a teaching video every Friday!


With your help, we can try to ensure that this lockdown does not have a detrimental impact to the learning of the children.


Many thanks for your continued support,

Mr McCaffley, Miss Dover and Ms Sinclair



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