Wildlife Club 2020-21

Wildlife Club meets every other Wednesday lunchtime. We are a big group of around 20 children from Sparrow and Blackbird classes. We are passionate about helping animals and want to help make our school more wildlife-friendly.


During our first session, we surveyed different areas around the KS2 playground to see what wildlife we could find. We spotted: ants, flies, worms, snails, woodlice, spiders, slugs, shield bugs, ladybirds and more! Hopefully by springtime, we'll be noticing even more wildlife on the school grounds.






Do you know your insects from your arachnids? This handy guide will help you classify invertebrates into their different groups.

We will be having a go at making different types of bird feeder this term. We'll follow these instruction from The Wildlife Trusts for one type of feeder:

Amazing Insects! We are dipping into another great resource from The Wildlife Trusts. How do your athletic skills compare to those of some incredible insects?

Can you design your own incredible insect?

What does it look like?

What does it eat?

How does it protect itself from predators?


Have a go at this challenge during Wildlife Club (during a week when you are not making your bird feeder), or have a go at home and bring it in to school.

The Wildlife Trusts' guide to designing your own insect: